About Us


Here at IMPRES, our staff have decades of experience in servicing and supplying commercial and industrial sectors with high quality cable and pipe support systems. We are the only cable and pipe support supplier who is a NECA member – because of this, IMPRES has been deemed a trusted and supporting member of the construction industry.

Our approach to each and every customer is to offer superior levels of service and expertise. We are committed to working with you in a personalized experience that will guide you through your options and leave you with nothing less than the very best of what you need.

The IMPRES team enjoys building a trusted rapport with our customers. This means that customers who choose IMPRES are confident knowing that their voices were heard, that their time was valued and that our team was able to provide them with the best products.

We look forward to meeting and working with you to reach all of your cable and pipe support needs.


To build our business on excellent service, customer loyalty, and to become your 1ST CHOICE for the supply of cable and pipe support systems.


To leave you Impressed – with our superior levels of service, our extensive expertise, and our high quality products.